Anhui Furuixue Chemical Science and Technology Limited was established in May, 2010. It is located in Yingshang Economic Development Zone, the hometown of Guan Zhong and the water town in the north of Anhui Province. The main business of the Company is research and development, production and sales of chemical fertilizer anti-caking agent, water-based coatings and super water absorbent resins. The Company is ranked as the national high-tech enterprise, top 100 fine chemicals enterprise and the leading enterprise in the chemical fertilizer anti-caking agent industry in China.

The anti-caking agent series is a classic work of Furuixue Technology and a model of technology in the industry of anti-caking agent. The products include powder anti-caking agent, color anti-caking agent, oily anti-caking agent, granulation agent, inner coloring additives, etc. with customized multiple series formulation. The products are made of natural materials that are friendly to the environment, integrated with biotechnology, and specially formulated for different fertilizer formulations, which can well solve the problems of fertilizer caking and soil restoration. The main features are environmental protection, efficiency enhancement and good anti-caking effect.

  Coating mixed with clear water makes home furnishing healthier. Water-based coating of Furuixue, with water as the medium, is healthy, environmental-friendly, low-carbon, safe and requires no waiting time after decoration. It features high-grade materials, precise workmanship and high cost performance. The water-based coating project has the largest production equipment in China, with an annual capacity of more than 100,000 tons. The environmental protection coating includes water-based engineering coating for interior walls, water-based coating for exterior walls, alkali-resistant primer, natural real stone coating, colorful coating, textured coating, cover coating and other series of products. The quality of our products is monitored by national authorities and is comparable to first-tier brands at home and abroad.

  The Company values integrity, innovation and environmental protection. Since its establishment, it has always taken continuous innovation as its driving force. It has undertaken the research and development of many major provincial and municipal special projects and owns more than 60 domestic and international invention and utility model patents. The Company has established a stable long term co-operative relationship with the famous enterprises in China including Sinochem Chemical fertilizers, Luxi Chemicals, Sanning Chemicals, CNSG Hongsifang Co., Stanley Fertilizers, Ezhong Chemicals, Liuguo Chemicals, Xiangyun Chemicals and Sierte Fertilizers, Lomon Land, Meile Fertilizer, Yangquan Coal Chemicals, etc.

  In 2012, the Company passed the IS09001 quality management system certification. After that, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2014, a provincial innovative pilot enterprise in 2015 and an enterprise technology center, a professional, unique and superior small and medium-sized enterprise, an honest enterprise, an AAA quality and service integrity unit, an AAA credit enterprise, an AAA contract-worthy enterprise in 2016. In 2017, it was awarded Anhui Quality Award, Innovation Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Provincial Innovative Demonstration Enterprise, Anhui Famous Trademark. In 2018, it won National Intellectual Property Superior Enterprise, Anhui Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, China Famous Brand of Fertilizer Additives, China Top 100 Fine Chemical Industry. The Company was awarded China   Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in 2019 and the title of “Small Giant” and “National Green Product” in 2020.

  Furuixue Technology volunteers to grow together with its partners and employees.