You know what? Famous compound fertilizers like Stanley, Sierte and Hong Sifang are purchased from these enterprises...

Date of issue: 2021-03-19 Number of Views: 31

As a leading manufacturer of anti-caking agents, Anhui Furuixue Chemical Science and Technology Limited has been loved by more than 200 celebrated compound fertilizer brand manufacturers like Stanley, Sierte, Hong Sifang, Hubei Xiangyun, Tianji Group, Sinochem Chemical fertilizers. Some customers have cooperated with us for more than a decade.

Why do “big names” in the compound fertilizer industry love the anti-caking agents of Furuixue? Because they are drawn by the outstanding product quality.

Customers of anti-caking agents are all over China. Meantime, they go overseas and are sold to Southeast Asia. According to our information, in 2020, the total market demand for anti-caking agents was round 200,000 tons, while the usage of anti-caking agents by Furuixue accounted for 40% of the total market demand.

In the future, upholding the concept of honesty-based and technology utmost, Anhui Furuixue Chemical Science and Technology Limited will continue with scientific research innovation and optimize product quality, wining trust with quality and word of mouth with integrity, and remain committed to marching unswervingly and forging ahead.