National Fertilizer Additive Industry Development (Furuixue) Conference successfully held. Liu Qingbai, chairman of Furuixue made a forward-looking speech

Date of issue: 2021-03-26 Number of Views: 33

Sponsored by CNCIC, title sponsored by Furuixue Science and Technology, co-sponsored by CNSG ANHUI HONG SIFANG CO., LTD and supported by more than 20 media including, National Fertilizer Additive Industry Development (Furuixue) Conference 2017 was successfully held on October 20-21, 2017 in Hefei City, Anhui. More than 200 people participated in the conference including relevant leaders from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, experts from industry associations, research institutes and universities, as well as relevant enterprise representatives of the fertilizer additive industry. Liu Qingbai, chairman of Furuixue made a forward-looking speech.     Chairman Liu introduced that the research on anti-caking agents in China started in early 1980s. The current industry problems include no authoritative explanation for pulverization mechanism of fertilizers; problems of fertilizer caking of some formula failing to be fixed by anti-caking agents; in case of caking problems, no standard for responsibility identification. For the future development, Liu Qingbai predicted: By 2020, the demand for anti-caking agents by the entire market will be 320,000 tons, usage for oiling agents will be 132,000 tons and usage for power will be 268,000 tons and the total output value will add up to RMB 1.856 billion. To combine fertilizer anti-caking, slow-release and soil improvement for R&D of multi-functional products is the future development direction of the anti-caking agent industry. At the meeting, Ren Guoqi, general manager of Press Division, CNCIC, Gao Xiangzhao, chief expert of National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, Hu Qinyuan, expert of agricultural technology of golden straw hat made important speeches.

In the meantime, the author learned that, to meet the demands of new technology of fertilization such as sowing and applying fertilizer simultaneously, fertilizer enterprises have concentrated an immense amount of energy on technology R&D such as particle size, uniformity and compressive strength of granular fertilizer, thus paying more attention to the use of high-quality, efficient and safe fertilizer anti-caking agents.